Sep 132008
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I caught this beautiful American eel (aka yellow eel) off the docks at Four Season Campground near Naples Maine. It was way past bed-time and we were having fun with the catfish, when this guy emerged from under the dock and grabbed my hook stacked with day-old cooked hamburger (better know as hamburger patty where I’m from).

How to handle a very unhappy American (Yellow) Eel, Long Lake, Maine

It was a scream! I though my rod was going to break at one point. Luckily the 8-pound line on my Mega Cast reel held up and once the eel started thrashing on the surface, I could quickly lift it onto the dock. By now I was getting lots of cheers from the crowd that gathered around. Someone had to take this slimy fish off the hook, and thankfully my camping neighbor Dan had an old towel and did the honors for me. Thanks Dan!

Next, it was picture time. Since this guy was my first American eel, we had to pose for a few night-time shots before returning him to Long Lake. Luckily no-one was in the mood for cooking eel (I do believe they make a great dinner).

So how do you hold a yellow eel? I say don’t be scared. Just grab it behind the head and smile. And be careful for those sharp teeth. All that slime does wash off.

Check-out my American Eel Facts page (coming soon) and American Eel Lifecycle where I write about very interesting characteristics of these wonderful creatures.

For my next eel-fishing trip I will probably add a few things from my fish-wish list.

  5 Responses to “Catching Slimy American Eels”

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  2. Hello there,

    I was surfing through the internet and saw your website about the eels.

    Here in the Netherlands the is a very expensive delicacy.

    I smoke them on several party’s.

    You can either fry them or Smoke them they are very good tasting.

    Bye Klaas
    p.s. My english is not to good.

  3. You aren’t allowed to fish off the docks at Four Seasons….

  4. Unless you fish from your boat that is docked. These are the private docks at the inlet with space for two boats. Both us and our neighbors had a good time fishing off the dock and the back of our boats.

  5. @Lee Fraser

    Haters gonna hate, Lee. Nice work. You could have congratulated him and gone on about your day but you took the time to hate. Above and beyond.

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